10 principles of a Good Life

Life is a complex and mysterious journey we explore together. Here are a few principles I've discovered to help guide and illuminate along the way:

1. Always Take the Braver Path

Chase your fears. Dance with the things that cause your heart to tremble. You will never regret doing the braver thing.

2. Whole-Ass Everything and Try to Stay Whelmed

So often we are in excess or deficit of stimulation that the mere state of being perfectly, adequately whelmed, strikes as mildly absurd. So averse are we to admitting to trying our best that we are more comfortable (proud even) with"Half-Assing" than putting forth our full effort.

3. Never Stop Seeking Adventure

So committed I am to the exploration of unknown territory that I wrote it into my marriage vows. Adventure does not have to mean skydiving or mountain climbing. I believe in pursuing the unknown. I believe life is for discovery. 

4. Continually Self-Improve

Never let yourself believe in the mistaken idea that you are a finished product. You are never done until you are dead. 

5. Put Your Oxygen Mask on First

Believe in the airplane wisdom: you cannot help others until you've seen to your own health and well-being.

6. Be Your Whole Authentic Self

Live with honesty and authenticity to find your tribe.

7. Share Your Light

Cultivate your inner light and let it shine. 

8. Forgive Yourself. Forgive Others

You've got to fail so you can succeed and we are all failing all the time. There is nothing to be gained from perfected stagnation.

9. Hold No Blame. Hold No Regret.

You may feel regret. You may feel blame.  Do not hold them for too long. Let them pass swiftly.

10. Align with Love. Lead With Curiosity.

Let your actions be guided with love and driven by curiosity.