The Founders

Alex and Natalie met in 2003. As teens, they dedicated their free time to creative problem solving. Their Destination Imagination team became the foundation of their belief in merging art and technology. After a decade of collaboration, they continually find inspiration and solutions within each other’s fields. Today, Synaptic Imagination continues to inspire creative, collaborative youth.

Natalie Doud 

is an experience designer with a passion for collaborative creativity. She is the vision behind Wander Wheel, an adventure-finding iPhone application. Natalie spends her free time training for American Ninja Warriorpaintingphilosophizing,  and practicing aerial acrobatics.









Alexander Doud

is a Neurology Resident at the University of Washington with a masters in Biomedical Engineering. Alex has spent seven years as a leader in brain-computer-interface research exploring virtual reality and yoga in his EEG research. Alex can be found in his office life casting, 3D printing, and inventing things.